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What is GMB? and why it's important?

GMB stands for Google My Business page, it’s a page on Google presenting your business. GMB is an opportunity to generate leads and sales! 


It gives small business owners an opportunity to engage with customers!



What do you mean by main keywords?

Main keywords are your main categories, and your services that you offer. For example; if you are a plastic surgeon, your main category is (Plastic Surgeon) so you need to rank for this keyword, if you are located in New York, then when someone searching for (plastic surgeon in New York, or plastic surgeon near me) you should be their in front of audiences. If one of your services is tummy tuck surgery, so the main keyword here is (tummy tuck) and again if you are a plastic surgeon in New York, then you need to be on top if someone search for (tummy tuck nyc, tummy tuck surgeon in New York City) and so on. Main keywords mean we focus only on 1 main keyword. But that doesn’t mean 1 keyword, its main keyword will have so many related keywords.

Live example:
Da Mikele Illagio is a catering or wedding hall that offering space and service to customers looking for space to any event.

Main category can be (wedding venue)

Related keywords: wedding venue in Queens, wedding venues in Queens, wedding hall in queens, wedding venue near me,….

Another main keyword can be service they offer and they would like to get clients for it like ( corporate event venue, …. )

If your main keyword or service is (tummy tuck plastic surgery) then related keywords are keywords belong to this service or surgery. For example: tummy tuck surgery, tummy tuck surgeon, tummy tuck free consultation, tummy tuck cost, tummy tuck price, tummy tuck doctors, tummy tuck recovery,…. and also tummy tuck also called abdominoplasty, then related keywords to it also will be abdominoplasty surgery, abdominoplasty doctors, abdominoplasty cost, abdominoplasty surgeons, …. Basically everything belong to that specific service, but not mixed with another service.

Keyword Research

We will do our research to find all profitable keywords related to your services, how many people search for these keywords and how important they are to rank for. We use these keywords to increase your opportunity to reach more customers.

How will you login to my GMB?

After you sign up, we will send a Google official request to manage your GMB (Google My Business).

GMB Optimization

Before we start creating your optimized posts with photos, text and everything else, we will optimize your GMB, see what things are missing and complete them, things maybe like business hours, missing categories related to your business, and more.. once your GMB is ready we will start the other steps.

GMB Management - What kind of posts will you publish on my GMB?

Images with content, we have dedicated designers will design your posts including with stock photos, and using unique optimizes text.

Check sample below:

gmb post 3
gmb post 1
Why 4 posts a month?

4 posts a month, if you keep posting more than that Google might suspend your account. You have to be careful when you post on your GMB.

What is the web page you offer?

It is a web page we didicate it to your business. This page is build on a high authority website. We list your info, images and services, this page helps your ranking to boost it.

Please note, if you cancel this page will stop working, since it is one of our monthly service.

Image Optimization

We will optimize all images before we publish them on your GMB. Image optimization is a compilicated process, it is similar to optimizing a website with metatags and things to give Google the right signal about your business.

Are you just posting images and text on my GMB? is it just a GMB management service?

We are an experienced SEO agency, managing your GMB is an easy task for us, but the main propose is not just managing your GMB by publishing posts every month, but we boost your GMB ranking for the keywords your chose along with the related keywords we research and find. So it is a GMB management with Local SEO boosting.

Local citation

Local citation is getting your business listed on directory and local sites like Yelp, Yellow pages, ….


We build backlinks to your website and other properties that associated with your GMB to boost it without hurting your website ranking.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is determining the strengths and weaknesses of a business, and how well positioned they are within their industry. It is a way of getting an understanding of how the business compares to their competition by analyzing the keywords that are most used for a given industry.

There is no certain number of backlinks, because it depends on each month, and the status of your business and your competitors. One month you might need 10 links and anther month you might need only 5, So it will be vary from business to business and from month to month!

On-Site SEO & Website Management

On-Site Optimization is a process of optimizing a website for search engines. SEOs use various SEO tactics to improve the visibility of their clients’ websites in search engine results pages. On-Site Optimization is a complicated process, we optimize everything on your website and add what is missing too. Images, text, metatags, speed, … 

Website Management: We will take care of everything on your website and work with you to suggest what need to be added to your website, we can post articles, images, video,… for you! 

VIP Rank Booster

This is our secret sauce! Our founder is  mathematical scientist created a mathematical equation (sauce) for amazing results based on google algorithm! This VIP Rank Booster separate us from our competitors!

What kind of report will I receive every month?

We will email you a report every month including:

Keywords positions on:

  • Google desktop
  • Google mobile
  • Google Maps

Simple report below:


report 1 scaled

Local Search Grid Report

Local search grid let you see your position in each mile around your location, that is the most accurate local SEO result you can find.


Wedding venues in Queens:

report grid 1


Wedding halls in Queens:

report grid 2


Do you grantee rankings?

NO, ranking can’t be grantee, what we do is managing your GMB (this is what can be grantee) and we boost your ranking, so ranking results may vary.

How fast can I see local SEO results?

If you are on hurry this is not for you, you may consider Google ads. Again this is GMB management with Local SEO booster. We present your business in a nice and professional way to attract more customers, and at the same time we boost your Local SEO ranking, to attract more customers and drive more business!

Can I cancel?

Of course, you can cancel at anytime! Once you cancel you will not be charge for the following month.

What will happen when I cancel?

When you cancel, you will all posts that was published on your GMB, we will stop working on your GMB, no more posts, and no more citations and other optimization, you will lose our authority web page since we create it to boost your local SEO.

I have more questions

If you have more questions, you can contact us by emailing 

We take your GMB to the next level!